Bad Ice Cream

How to Relax, Choosing Balloons

A huge selection of balloons for a gift to any occasion makes the buyer spend a lot of time to choose the right one. If you are already tired, it's time to just relax and for these purposes we recommend interesting Bad Ice Cream arcades.
Bad Ice Cream

Game That Makes You Smile

Tired of bloody arcades, shooters and dark strollers inhabited by pirates, monsters, the walking dead, and other evil spirits? Then this choice is for you. Contrary to the name, it is difficult to find a more positive game on the Internet. Sit down to play whenever the mood starts to deteriorate. Just a couple of minutes will pass, and you will not notice how a happy smile from ear to ear will play on your face.

Features and Differences

The game attracts with charming graphics (no dark tones, only gentle pastel shades) and musical accompaniment (the developers have selected a pleasant and cheerful melody for it). And, perhaps, to some boys who are accustomed to famously twisted plots and dynamically developing events, it will seem a bit languid, for those who want to relax and unwind their soul this is an ideal option.

Game for Relax

We can say that the Bad Ice Cream game is a kind of relaxation entertainment. In it, you will not have to strain and demonstrate some exceptional qualities. Neither your dexterity, courage, or skill to drive a car is important here - nothing at all but a good mood, calmness and a positive outlook on the world. Want to relax? Welcome to the expanses of this arcade game!

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