Red Ball

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Introducing a series of games, which is perfectly suitable for all visitors of our balloons website because the central character in these games a little red ball with a fun mug. He lives in a fairy-tale world consisting of roads, forest paths, stone jungles and other intricate structures, similar to one giant maze.
Red Ball

Game Goals

The player's task is to collect all the stars and golden keys scattered across virtual world. But there is a force preventing the baby ball from doing this. Evil gray squares live in a magical land. They hate balls because they don’t have corners and want everything round to become square. Evil cubes have a bunch of plans to enslave a non-square planet, but thanks to the courage and ingenuity of the protagonist, their plans are not destined to come true.

Dangers at every turn

It is necessary to manage to dodge the falling ax, not to fall under the concrete core, to be able not to slide off the moving platform. Our hero learns the destructive power of the laser, from which he needs to hide, will resist the hurricane, save his beloved (every hero has such princess, and he must defeat someone for her sake), "wander" through traps and obstacles, wade through the machinations of enemies and save your round world.

All Parts of Arcade

A series of ball’s travels consists of five parts, each of which has its own features and differences.
  • Red Ball 1 - simple graphics and simple tasks: jump over obstacles and balance.
  • Red Ball 2 - the king has lost his crown and goes in search of her in levels with improved graphics and all the same simple tasks.
  • Red Ball 3 - save the beloved who was stolen by a Black Ball. This part is distinguished by animated graphics and an interesting plot.
  • Red Ball 4 - gray cubes decided to take over the planet and turn all the inhabitants from balls into cubes, but this could not happen!
  • Red Ball 5 - a new version with updated graphics. Here you need to collect stars and solve puzzles.

Adventure Time

If you like puzzles and arcades, then Red Ball games will allow you to have fun. Each part of the game consists of several dozen levels. It takes only a few minutes to complete each of them. Do you have some leisure time? Allocate it to the Red Ball and fun adventures will allow you to briefly distract from routine tasks.

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