TrollFace Quest

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A mask with a sarcastic smirk on his face is what the TrollFace is. The character immediately shows that he is ready to do dirty tricks at every turn, while not only small, but also large-scale, shocking inexperienced inhabitants. In TrollFace games all the protagonists, as one, have exactly such, far from charming, physiognomies.
TrollFace Quest

Various Tasks

Whatever it was, namely, thanks to a grimace, TrollFace Quest games have become so popular. There are fascinating mahjongs among them, on which you have to look for the same smirks, there are many proposals for creating comics here. Quests and scammers, platformers and simulators, even games from the series three in a row.

Popular Games

There are more than 13 parts available and few more similar games. The most popular among the players are:
  • TrollTube - jokes with popular characters and YouTube videos;
  • Video Games - complete quests with the heroes of famous computer games;
  • TV Shows - popular TV presenters and famous shows;
  • Internet Memes - popular among the Internet pictures and memes.

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Series of games with the Troll Face main character, are not evil at all, they are just an amateur. Sometimes the main character becomes truly sorry, because his dirty tricks do not always succeed.

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