Simple Shooters for Relaxation

Many gamers just love to destroy zombies. They do their job with a good arsenal of various weapons. In Boxhead, things will happen on completely different locations, and zombies appear on all sides and it seems that there is no force that could stop them. But the hero has everything necessary to not become a victim of these terrible creatures.

Targets and Goals

Take up arms and start destroying the walking dead from the left to the right. For each zombie destroyed, you will receive a reward and you can exchange it for the purchase of new weapons and equipment. Pump your character and move only forward, destroying more and more zombies with each step.

Most Popular Games in the Series

The main characters remain unchanged in all games of the series, but there are several the most popular parts of the shooter with their own features.
  • More Rooms - eight different locations with shelters.
  • 2Play Rooms - game for two players or for single adventures, which offers 18 locations to choose from.
  • Zombie Wars - two types of games - classic or defense - and eight new locations in the forest.

Features and Differences from Other Shooters

Boxhead differs from many zombie shooters not only in easily recognizable graphics, with characters similar to Minecraft heroes, but also in an unusual task - because here the zombie streams will be practically indestructible and there will be no winners, but you can still measure the number of points scored with friends.

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