Spider Solitaire

Variety of Solitaires

Legendary and very popular solitaire game, which is played with two decks of 52 cards. There are three layouts: one-suit, two-suit and four-suit. The first, as the simplest, is recommended for beginners; the second and third are more difficult. Your task is to lay out the cards in sequence from ace to king. If in the process of unfolding you see that there is no more moves, add another row of cards from the deck. Spider Solitaire is recommended to be played to relax and unwind while you are working.
Spider Solitaire

Strategy and tactics

Even having perfect results playing one suit game, moving to the two or four suits at once may seem extremely difficult to you. The main point that causes the greatest difficulties in disassembly is the transfer of off-suit cards on top of each other. Obviously, first of all, you should choose suited variants, since then you can transfer the columns formed from them, i.e. the column remains "live" or "working". The restrictions imposed by the rules of Spider Solitaire prohibit the transfer of columns collected from cards of different suits - only the last card remains available.

Popular versions of the Spider

Spider is a solitaire card game aimed at the logic and dozens of different implementations are available for players, differing in design, time limit, hints availability and additional features:

Start Playing

Depending on your skill level, choose 1, 2 or 4 suits to play and try to complete solitaire. Success depends not only on the player's luck, but also on the chosen strategy. It is worth showing patience and perseverance, and Lady Luck will surely smile to you.

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